Art. no. 10508/20508

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Standard equipment

  • Seat and back cushions are easy to remove. The seat plate can be used as a flat seat, and the back cushion is easy to change from the standard back to the Form back or tension adjustable Flexi back system.
  • The push bar is height-adjustable.
  • Separate brake handles for disc brakes that have a driving and parking function.
  • Thoracic (trunk) support attachments included as standard.
  • Quick release wheels with puncture proof tyres on all models.
  • Extendable tipping protection/bar.
  • Parking brake (only on model HD 500).
  • Puncture-proof 8” castors.
  • Flip-up foot plates with angle and length adjustment options.
  • Height- and depth-adjustable calf supports.
  • Detachable angle-adjustable legrests with length compensation.
  • Seat depth is adjustable.
  • Height- and length-adjustable armrests with built-in table attachment.
  • Angle-adjustable seat unit.
  • Angle-adjustable backrest with gas spring. The backrest is also height-adjustable.
  • Seat frame adjustable in height and depth.


  • Angle adjustable legrest
  • Seat depth
  • Tilt


    • Amputation Leg support
    • Back Flexi width +7 cm
    • Back cushions
    • Back extension
    • Back spacers
    • Belt
    • Calf support complete
    • Calf support divided
    • Extra side paddings
    • Fastening kit for belt
    • Flexi Back System
    • Foot box
    • Foot support complete
    • Foot support divided
    • Footplate Pads - One piece
    • Headrest
    • Hemipleia armrest
    • Hook for bag
    • Leg support
    • Lower seat height
    • Neckrest
    • Pommel
    • Push bar
    • Push handles separate
    • Seat cushions
    • Seat height extended
    • Seat width
    • Shoulder support
    • Spoke protection
    • Table tray
    • Thorasic support
    • Tilt extended
    • Transport fastening kit
    • Wheel widening adaptor


    HD500 sw45

    Max. user weight: 135 kg
    Seat width:  45 cm
    Total width:  68 cm
    Weight:  21 kg

    HD500 sw38

    Max. user weight:  135 kg
    Seat width:  38 cm
    Total width:  61 cm
    Weight:  20 kg

    Documentation for HD500

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    CE document

    • 95109-1 Adaptation and Restoration
    • 95103-1 Fitting the infusion bottle holder to HD wheelchairs
    • 95101-1 Fitting the oxygen holder
    • 95232 List of combination agreements

    Other documents