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Bumblebee 650

Art. no. 18650-3

General info

Adjustable legrests


The Bumblebee wheelchairs come as standard with angle adjustable legrest. The angle of the legrest can be adjusted in steps from about 105º to 140º knee angle. Complete calf pad and footplate as standard. See accessories for more options.

Height-adjustable back


The back is height-adjustable using a moveable brace around the backrest tube: upwards 3 cm or downwards 2 cm. With Flexi back system the back is adjustable separately 6 cm or in total 11 cm in combination with the attachment on the wheelchair.

Seat depth


Seat depth is adjustable between 51 and 57 cm. The adjustment is made using a simple manoeuvre on the rear edge of the seat. Option seat frame decreased seat depth – 5 cm.



The seat unit can be tilted between 0º and +20º as standard. With an extended tipping bar the tilt can be increased to +30º. Extended tipping protection must be used. The back can be tilted steplessly using a gas spring from 0º to 30º as standard. With an extended gas spring the back tilt can be increased to 50º. Extended tipping protection must be used.

Amputation Leg support

Art.no: 18745-5  sw52, Right

Art.no: 18735-5  sw52, Left


(Image shows a Amp. leg rest on a HD500)

Back cushions



(Image shows back cushion on a HD650)

Back extension




(Image shows back extension on a HD650)


Calf support complete



(Image shows calf support complete for HD650)

Calf support divided

Extra side paddings



(Images show extra side paddings for HD650)

Fastening kit for belt

Art.no: 13520, Fastening kit for belt, (1 pair)

Art.no: 13525, Fastening lit for belt Front, (1 pair)


(Image shows fastening kit for belt on a HD600)

Flexi Back System

Art.no: 18860-1, sw52, Flexi Back System


(Image shows Flexi Back System on a HD650)

Foot box


(Image shows foot box on a HD600)

Foot support complete



(Image shows foot support complete on a HD600)

Foot support divided


(Image shows foot support divided on a HD650)




(Images show headrests on a HD650)

Hemipleia armrest

Art.no: 13304, Right

Art.no: 13303, Left


(Image shows hemipleia armrest on a HD650)

Hook for bag

Leg support

Art.no: 16750, Standard, Right
Art.no: 16755, Standard, Left

Art.no: 16750-5, Straight, Right
Art.no: 16755-5, Straight, Left

Art.no: 16761, 90°, Left
Art.no: 16762, 90°, Right


(Images shows leg support on a HD500)



(Images show neckrests  on a HD650)



Art.no: 69606-2  Pommel Big, excl fastening
Art.no: 69616-2  Pommel Big, Moved forward, excl fastening

Art.no: 69605-2  Pommel Small, excl fastening
Art.no: 69615-2  Pommel Small, Moved dorward, excl fastening

Art.no: 69602-2  Pommel Big, with fastening
Art.no: 69612-2  Pommel Big, Moved forward, with fastening

Art.no: 69601-2  Pommel Small, with fastening
Art.no: 69611-2  Pommel Small, Moved forward, with fastening

95809-1  Assembly instructions

Push bar

Art.no: 18283-1, Push bar std sw52

Art.no: 18285-1, Push bar depth +8 cm, sw52

Art.no: 18286-1, Push bar Extemded & Bended


(Image shows push bars on a HD600)


95182-1 Assembly instructions

Push handles separate

Art.no: 10295, Separate push handles (1 pair)


95827-1 Assembly instructions

Seat cushions



(Images show Seat cushions for HD650)

Seat width


The Bumblebee comes in a seat width 52 cm. The seat width can be increased with widening adaptors. Seat widening adaptor +5 cm can be used on both models, when used on HD 500 model wheel widening adaptor must be used as well. Seat widening adaptor +10 cm can be used on the Bumblebee HD 650.

Art.no: 14401, Seat width +5 cm

Art.no: 14402, Seat width +10 cm

Shoulder support

Art.no: 13205-7  Black

Art.no: 13205-5  Dartex


(Image showa shoulder support on a HD650)

Spoke protection

Art.no: 15475  For 24" wheels

Art.no: 15476  For 20" wheels

Table tray

Thorasic support

Transport fastening kit

Art.no: 13550


(Image shows a transport fastening kit on a HD600)



95091-1  Measures


Bumblebee 650

Max. user weight: 160 kg

Seat width: 52 cm

Total width: 70 cm

Weight: 34 kg

Documentation for Bumblebee 650

General documents


Pdf  Brochure

95092-1  Accessories guide, What fits?

95091-1  Dimensions

95105-1  Maintenance of HD wheelchairs

95008-1  User Manual HD Wheelchairs

95347-1  What fits the HD wheelchairs?


Assembly instructions


95186-1  Adapter kit lowering of the cross bar

95163-1  Amputee Legrests

95162-1  Back Frame Flexi

95171-1  Cover for push bar

95168-1  Gas spring Extended

95187-1  Fastening for wide Flexi Back

95152-1  Fastening kit for belt

95181-1  Fastening for transport

95161-1  Gas spring standard

95169-1  Hemiplegic armrests

95188-1  One hand mechanism, legrest

95182-1  Push bar

95827-1  Push handles

95177-1  Seat elevation adapter

95155-1  Seat widening adapter kit

95185-1  Shorter distance sleeves for hand rims

95179-1  Tilt bar

95180-1  Tilt bar Extended

95156-1  Tilt locking unit

95151-1  Wire control unit 


CE document


95109-1  Adaptation and Restoration

95103-1  Fitting the infusion bottle holder to HD

95101-1  Fitting the oxygen holder

95232     List of combination agreements


Other documents


HD-03-04-03-E Customer Complaints instructions

HD-03-04-05-E Customer Complaints reporting